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Why Romania ?


For a long time, Romania has had one of the biggest problems with stray dogs within Europe. The issue dates back many years when people moved to the cities and into apartments for work, leaving behind their dogs. With very few neutered, this sadly lead to over breeding and a huge increase of stray dogs.


As the problem continued to grow, a law was passed in 2013 which enabled authorities to cull stray dogs. Dog catchers worked in the streets to round up stray dogs and take them to the public shelters, where they are euthanised after 14 days if they aren’t adopted.


These public shelters are often unclean and over crowded, leaving the dogs in unhygienic conditions, meaning disease can spread quickly.

We often see cats being beaten in the streets, with their limbs hanging off. There are cat shelters, however, if you see a cat on the street it means it's a stray. All of the stray cats are very malnourished, extremely friendly and just want a warm bed and some food.

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