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We are always looking for both dog and cat fosters at Rocky Road Rescue. We are looking for applicants who are happy to take on all sizes of dogs, have had dogs with behaviour challenges such as separation anxiety and/or are willing to follow behaviour and training programs. Our cats need you as a stepping stone from foster in Romania to their forever home in the UK.

Becoming a Foster Carer means you are providing invaluable support in caring for lost, abandoned and unwanted animals by preparing them for their new homes.

Fostering our animals also gives the rescue a valuable opportunity to see how our animals behave in a domestic environment so we can find them the right new homes.

What type of animals will I be able to foster?

Most dogs require a foster home for behavioural or stress reasons. Some, we bring over simply because they are being overlooked and rehome better when in the UK. They also may be shut down or nervous. We will always ensure the dog is suitable for you and will discuss all the details of the dog with you first so you are fully informed.

Our foster dogs vary in size and age so being comfortable with handling large size dogs and puppies is important. In many cases, foster carers will need to be willing to follow behaviour training programs to help dogs to resolve unwanted behaviours.

Our cats come in various sizes, mostly young adults. They can be in foster with children.


What are Rocky Road Rescue's requirements for fostering?

  • We are looking for adult homes only or homes with older children for our dogs. This is to ensure the best chance of success.

  • For cats, we require various home environments and a cat will be allocated depending on the cat and your home situation.

  • We are looking for minimal/low time alone for foster dogs. During the start of fostering most foster dogs will not be able to be left at all, and their time alone will need to be built up very gradually.
    They are not permitted to go into workplaces or dog daycare centres.

  • We require our fosters to provide a bed, collar and lead for dogs, and all food for our animals.

  • We are looking for applicants that ideally have previous experience with rescue dogs, preferably working with those who are more vulnerable or have challenging behaviours. Training and support will be provided throughout the foster period by our Aftercare team.

  • A private garden is also highly beneficial for fostering dogs. It is not essential but is a requirement of many of our foster dogs who will need a safe, secure space to follow their basic training programs.

  • Living locally to a vets or having means of getting there is essential. We do cover all vet expenses.

  • Willingness to follow our guidance.. This will ensure the best chance of their success.

  • Someone in the household must be fit, willing and able to give the dog adequate exercise.

  • There must not be any dogs that are covered by the Dangerous Dogs Act  1991 in the house.

  • There must not be foster dogs from another rescue in the house.

  • We cannot place dogs in households where dogs are being privately sold.

  • You must have landlord permission to foster dogs.

  • You must not have been prosecuted for any animal cruelty or neglect.

We would like people to commit to us on a long-term basis as the dogs that need fostering require a nice stable environment which requires commitment from the Dog Foster Carer. Each individual foster case will vary; they can range from two to three weeks up to three months and sometimes even longer if the dog is struggling to find a home.

What do I need to do as a foster carer?

Please ensure that you have read through our page of

Fostering FAQs before applying.

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience and a chance to make a real difference to a dog who might be struggling in a kennel environment.

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Have you read our foster FAQs and are ready to become a foster carer?

Please apply here


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